Skyline Handyman specializes in handling the day to day repairs property owners need and the upgrades they want. We bring a level of personalization that let homeowners know they have a knowledgeable, trustworthy person at their side, ready to assist in maintaining and upgrading their property.

Skyline Handyman Services, LLC. is owned and operated by Casey Lawson. As a third generation tradesman with 20 years in the trades, Casey is qualified, in many areas, to do what it takes to maintain and upgrade peoples homes and properties.

As a teenager he would help his father build houses and has been swinging a hammer since 13 years old. His first job in the trades was at 18 for a high end painting company. Here he learned how to pay attention to details and how to do precise, high quality work.

He worked as a maintenance technician for most of the years after that. Here he learned many aspects of the different trades. He also learned how to analyze, diagnose different issues and to problem solve efficiently. Being in this trade taught him to think on his feet and how to handle the ever evolving situations that were thrown his way.

For the last couple years he worked as a handyman for a local handyman company and learned to hone his skills to a more professional, finished product. After being laid off, he decided to take his destiny in his own hands and venture out on his own.


Skyline Handyman is a local business with strong ethics and service standards. We’re committed to serving homeowners with old-fashioned, friendly, reliable service.


When you hire Skyline, you hire the person that cares about the business the most. You don’t have to deal with an employee that doesn’t have yours, or the companies, best interests at heart. You have a person who genuinely cares about your experience and the product that is being delivered. This allows Skyline to bring a different level of personalization and care to your project that most companies can not compete with. He has a responsive, professional approach to customer service and has a variety of skills for all types of work. He also guarantees his workmanship.


Live Call Answering

We strive to answer every single phone call that rings into our office, which means you won’t get an answering machine or wait hours for a call back. Casey Lawson will answer or call back immediately to schedule appointments, make reminder calls, and help answer any questions you may have about how we work, or what to expect on the day of your service appointment.

Service Technicians

Skyline Handyman service technicians arrive with a variety of tools and supplies for the job. We treat you and your home with respect – wear booties to protect your flooring and clean up when we’re finished. Skyline Handyman technicians are experienced with a variety of skills, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help with any repair, maintenance or improvement project.

For professional handyman services for your home or business, contact Skyline Handyman or simply call your local Skyline Handyman today at (206) 606-3515.